New Study Frowns on Fracking

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A new study released in May 2012 is raising new concerns regarding fracking and the long term effects of the process which injects chemicals into the ground. 

Scientists now predict that "fracking chemicals" could migrate toward drinking water supplies quicker than originially predicted.  Last year, more than 5,000 wells were drilled and operators injected up to 4 million gallons of fluid, under more than 10,000 pounds of pressure to drill and frack each well.

It is more important then ever to contact a licensed attorney regarding an oil and gas lease to ensure your land, water supply and your family are protected.

Here's the breakdown of what the recent study revealed:
  • Computer modeling, an advanced technology that show's the earth's underground geology shows that  natural faulst and fractures in the Marcellus could allow chemicals to reach the earth's surface in as little as "just a few years".
  • Fluids could move from most any injection process, as the rock layers are not impermeable.
  • The primary risk of contamination has moved from underground water to ground water. Why the shift ? Software and Computer Modeling used to predict the movement of the fluids led scientists to move "ground water" to the top of the list...
  • Software and Computer Modeling also predicts the movement of fluids to be the cause of natural fractures and faults in underground rock formations.
To sum it up... the models predict that fracking will dramatically speed up the movement of chemicals injected into the ground, some say ten times as fast.


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