The Benefits of Developing Natural Gas from Marcellus Shale...

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Thousands of PA homeowners have been affected by the "Marcellus Shale Boom" some are out there hoping to get rich from leasing their land to the oil and gas companies, others are terrified that they will lose what is most important to them... but either way, one fact remains true... Drilling for Marcellus Shale has affected 11 counties in the State of Pennsylvania significantly and is not going away anytime soon. 

First and foremost - if you are contemplating selling your land, interested in approaching the oil and gas company or have been approached by a landman -  you should contact a licensed Pennsylvania lawyer, such as Safe Shale Lease to make sure your interests are being protected and that you are getting the best deal... when you come to the table to negotiate, make sure you have the trump card (a licensed PA lawyer)...

So this week, the "Marcellus Shale" news feed has been overcome by articles touting the benefits of drilling... we have heard many of the downfalls but now the benefits seem to be adding up, so we dediced to break them down for you...

  • Marcellus Shale is making a positive economic impact at BOTH the state and federal level: Less than 5 years ago most economic experts warned of an ominous shortage of natural gas and the catastrophic effect this shortfall would have in the United States. Now,  TIME Magazine's Editor-at-Large, Farred Zakaria says it best with the title of a recent op-ed peice...  "Natural Gas, Fueling an Economic Revolution".
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has written hundreds of articles on Marcellus Shale and the natural gas boom and often references how this movement has put the State of Pennsylvania on the map internationally. All eyes on Pennsylvania...
  • According to polls conducted independently by Harris and Rasmussen in March 2012: The majority of Americans suppport hydraulic fracturing despite public controvery surrounding the process and challenges by the Obama administration.
  • You go girl! The Marcellus Shale Boom isn't just for men.. in fact, more than 7500 women work in the marcellus shale oil and gas industry in the State of Pennsylvania.

Looking for more benefits of Marcellus Shale, check out a recent article from


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