What is Utica Shale ?

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Utica Shale keeps appearing in local headlines, but what is it ?

Here is the definition of "Utica Shale" from Wilkipedia,

"The Utica Shale is a stratigraphical unit of Middle Ordovician age in the Appalachian Basin.
It takes the name from the city of Utica, New York, and was first described in outcrop along the Starch Factory Creek east of the city by Ebenezer Emmons in 1842."

Utica Shale is located a few thousand feet BELOW Marcellus Shale and has the potential to become an enormous natural gas resource. Some experts believe Utica Shale has even greater potential then Marcellus Shale, and this has portions of Ohio and Canada excited as Utica Shale exists in those areas, but Marcellus Shale is not present.

According to Geology.com,

"In early 2011, most of  the mineral rights leasing and drilling activity tied directly to the  Utica Shale was in eastern Ohio and Ontario, Canada. In these areas the Utica Shale is  less than 4000 feet below the  surface and the  Marcellus Shale is not present. (If the Marcellus is present it becomes the target because it is shallower, less expensive to drill and has a proven potential.)  

The productive portion of the Marcellus Shale does not extend into central Ohio - but the Utica Shale does.  In those areas the Utica Shale is less than one mile below the surface and a few companies are leasing and drilling the Utica Shale for natural gas.

As Utica Shale Drilling and Utica Shale Gas Leases continue to develop, we will continue to keep you informed. Visit our website www.safeshalelease.com for the latest Shale Drilling News.


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