Bill Pushes for Chemical Discloure of Hydraulic Fracturing Process

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A proposed bill would strengthen the safety practices surrounding the hydraulic fracturing process and also help to educate Pennsylvania landowners before they agree to allow drilling of marcellus shale on their land.

According to a March 15th article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., has resumed his legislative effort to force
drilling companies to disclose all chemicals used during hydraulic
fracturing -- the fundamental procedure used to harvest natural gas from
Marcellus Shale -- and bring the process under federal regulation.

Fracking is the process by which drilling companies inject a mixture of water, sand and chemicals at high pressure into a well to crack the shale and help the gas flow.
Landowners and environmentalists fear that the chemicals could have a long term negative impact on the land, water supply and even animals.
Industry officials on the other hand say the chemicals are safe, however, some companies have been unwilling to release the proprietary fracking formulas they use. One company, Range Resources voluntarily discloses the additives.

Casey's proposed legislation would restore the agency's oversight and require ALL companies to disclose chemical additives used during fracking to state agencies. In turn, those agencies would make the information public online. Oil and gas companies would also have to reveal proprietary
information about any additives to medical professionals if the
information is necessary for treatment.

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,

"Jan Jarrett, president and chief executive officer of Citizens for
Pennsylvania's Future, applauded Mr. Casey's latest attempt and agrees
with the senator that voluntary compliance is not a good idea."
"The public wants to know this. It's something that people have been
very clear about," Ms. Jarrett said. "Their suspicions are heightened
when they feel like the industry is keeping secrets."
The EPA is currently working on a study of the fracking process, to update a 2004 report which concluded that the process posed a "minimal" threat to the drinking water supply.

More information regarding their study and this proposed legislation is expected to be released later this month.


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