PRO Drilling... and, here's why.

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We have read countless articles from groups and individuals, alike that fear groundwater contamination, destroyed land, getting a "bad deal" and the possibility of a fire or other disaster that would compromise the safety of their family and their land during and/or after the marcellus shale drilling process.

Luckily, many of these fears can be avoided by contacting a licensed law firm who specializes in Marcellus Shale/Gas Lease Negotiations. Addendums can be put into place which will protect your most important assets; your family and your land.

We decided to focus on the other side of the story, the citizens, farmers and landowners who are PRO drilling and their reasoning for being "on board" with the marcellus shale revolution. Here are are the top 5 reasons, we found that individuals argue on the PRO drilling side of the debate.

5. Development of the Marcellus Shale is likely to have a tremendous positive impact on our state and national economies and contribute mightily to our country’s energy security. At a time when so many neighbors are out of work or underemployed and our country is dangerously dependent on unstable and unreliable foreign sources of energy, an opportunity like this to generate jobs here at home and reduce our vulnerability to supply disruptions abroad is a real godsend.

4. Drilling the Marcellus in Pennsylvania during a two-year period ending in 2010 created 44,000 jobs. Similar performance is expected in New York, with the addition of $11.4 billion to the New York economy over the next 10 years if development takes place.

 3. The Energy in Depth website states that the controversoal report released by Cornell uses inflated figures to exaggerate the so-called “global warming potential” of natural gas production, makes unwarranted assumptions about insignificant levels of alleged gas leakage, relies on irrelevant and/or inadequate data, and betrays a political agenda.

2. Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, most affordable fuels available — and development of the Marcellus Shale will make it even more affordable, even as it generates thousands of jobs and millions in revenue for our beleaguered state.

1. Local Farmers and Landowners benefit from the royalty payments, local government will benefit if a "proposed marcellus tax" is passed and the entire community benefits from the income, purchases and jobs that marcellus shale drilling brings in to every community that they start drilling in.

*Note: The 5 points above do not reflect the personal views of Safe Shale Lease, LLC or it's representatives. The opinions reflected above were compiled from a variety of opinion-related articles in news sources accross Pennsylvania.


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