Scott Township Commissioners Hold Public Forum Before Passing a Drilling Ordinance

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Pennsylvania - Scott Township commissioners are holding a public hearing on May 24th as they continue working on an ordinance regulating natural gas drilling.

The ordinance is far from completion, however, commissioners are hoping the public forum will give residents a chance to offer their opinion on how they think the township should handle Marcellus Shale Drilling, if it were to come to their community. The forum was planned after neighboring community, Collier Township held several similar public meetings before passing a natural gas drilling ordinance in early May. 

According to an article on Chartiers Valley Patch, "Scott Township Commissioner David Calabria said some in the community may not want drilling, but the municipality does not have the ability to stop it outright. The best plan, he said, is to work out an ordinance that allows the township to regulate the industry."

“This is a discussion. We want to get the views from all the people,” Calabria said. “We’re trying to find the places that would be available for them (to drill) and go from there. You put restrictions in from the schools and churches and residential areas and go from there.”

There are not many places to drill in the township, but Calabria said there still need to be rules regulating where they do drill. He added there are some parameters already outlined, although there is plenty of room for changes an improvement.

“We’re somewhat safe (in Scott) but you have to be open and you can’t just say no to them,” Calabria said. “It’s still open for discussion. We still have a ways to go.”

"The public hearing in the municipal building at 301 Lindsay Road will begin right before the commissioners’ scheduled voting meeting."

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